We had a great experience working with Lindsay! She stuck with us for nearly two years as we searched for the perfect home in the most sought-after neighborhoods in the Kansas City area. As first-time home buyers, we had a lot of questions and a lot of anxiety, and she was amazing at handling both. Loved working with her and highly recommend her to anyone searching in the Kansas City area!

Katherine Olson & Eric Michael

Incredibly knowledgeable, made the process painless and absolutely gave us terrific guidance and we could not have asked for a better experience during an extremely stressful situation! You will not go wrong engaging Lindsay to help with your real estate transaction.

Barbara Stras

Lindsay was extremely helpful, respectful, and so very nice in helping me search for “just the right home” for me and in turn sell my current home. She was available whenever I needed her and answered all of my questions without delay. The whole process was smooth and she made me feel at ease and comfortable with it. My home sold within a day and she helped me get way more than list price. I would highly recommend Lindsay to anyone buying or selling a home!

Jodee McConnaughy

If it wasn’t for Lindsay, we wouldn’t have found our house, almost certainly not for this price. She was able to locate a seller interested in selling without the craziness of a million showings. Lindsay also knows the market as well or better than anyone in this area which helped us in both our buying and selling. Everything moved incredibly quickly and Lindsay, with her tireless work-ethic and always available status, helped us stay on track on keep moving along, even if we weren’t always able to keep up. She also knows everyone in the industry, helping us as we bought our house and also in the prep of selling as well

Jeanne & Brandon Taylor

Having Lindsay Schulze as my realtor the second time was an obvious decision. 11 years ago, she skillfully navigated the sale of my family’s first house and into our second house during the depths of a housing crisis. Her calm demeanor and wise-beyond-her-years acumen for her industry was the perfect complement to my otherwise frenetic pessimistic characteristics. We made a great team. For 11 long years we lived in the second house. Our family grew, said goodbye to old pets and hello to new ones. We lived happily in that house. Despite my level of content, my wife’s interest in looking for the next home for the next stage in life tempered, but never extinguished. From time to time, Lindsay would receive phone calls from my wife with requests to show a house that sparked her interest, and she happily would even with the understanding there was no intent to make an offer. Linsday had no issue with this because at the end of the day it was about the relationship. Not the sale. Fast forwarding to recent history when my wife found a gem. An unbelievable opportunity that had a world of promise staring at us through a real estate website. High interest rates be damned, it was time to call Lindsay. She answered the call like she had for years and the next day we were on site. Linsday knows real estate. She is also a mover and a shaker. Every question I asked about the house was either answered on the spot from her vast wealth of institutional, experiential, and practical knowledge or she was on the phone getting the answer with the truest sense of urgency. She is relentless in her work and her success is no doubt due in part to that. So with our due diligence done, we went into offer mode. Listening to Lindsay recommend strategies for negotiation is a sight to behold. You know you are in good hands regardless of the economic climate. She knows how to apply leverage, she knows how to walk you back from unrealistic expectations, and she knows the market like a life-long friend. Through this framework she enabled my family to realize that world of promise in the form of a new house, our third house, for a price and concessions that I still can’t believe was accepted. We were riding high for a moment, but reality was quickly and effortlessly catching up to us. We still needed to sell the second house or money was going to be tight. It was a strange time in the market. Prices were off their high and interest rates continued to rise. Of course I would have to sell low after having bought low – that’s how karma works. Luckily my pessimism was no match for Lindsay. She did all the research, took stock of all the house had to offer, and made a (reasonably long) list of things we needed to do to hit a price point that in her professional opinion was the most realistic. It was higher than what I thought we could get, but I trust Lindsay. We took a day to prepare mentally and the next morning we got to work. Remember how I said that with Lindsay it was about the relationship? While that is true for her clients, it is also true for her seemingly infinite cadre of tradesmen. It does not matter what is wrong with your house before it goes on the market. If you can’t fix it, she knows someone that can. House needs paint? Call this number. Sewer line is broken? Call this number. If the house was hit by a meteorite I’m sure she would have a number for a guy that can fix that problem too. Also, full disclosure…I never actually called these numbers myself. Lindsay handled all of the coordination which is heads and shoulders above my expectation for a project manager let alone a real estate agent. After a few weeks of blood, sweat, and tears the house was finally ready to hit the market. Lindsay and her team shepherded the process so seamlessly and professionally that despite the freezing temperatures and rain trying to cast an ominous sense of doom, I was actually optimistic that somehow, everything was going to work out. One day later, Lindsay called us with an offer a little over asking – Sold. She really nailed the asking price. Again, I trust Lindsay. This has been a wild couple of months. My family and I feel so fortunate to have made the decision to move to our new home. We’ll always look back at the last house and remember the good times, but we are ready to look toward the future here. It was not easy, and it was definitely stressful at times, but I believe this experience would never have turned out so well had it not been for Lindsay and her team. It is hard to imagine moving again from this dream home, but should we find ourselves ready to do so, Lindsay will get the call.

Greg & Tiffany Troutman

We have bought and sold many homes throughout the US and Lindsay is by-far the best realtor we have ever worked with. She’s very responsive, knowledgeable, detail-oriented, and works hard for her clients; she also has tremendous experience representing buyers and sellers throughout the area. Lindsay made the process of preparing to list and sell our condo seamless from start to finish. I cannot recommend she and her team enough– they are truly exceptional.

Christine Monaghan

Lindsay came highly recommended and she did not disappoint. We were looking for a realtor that was knowledgeable, experienced, and a great communicator who could provide wise counsel in a consistent and timely manner. Lindsay is all of this. There are many things that can go wrong when selling and/or buying a home. The cost of mediocre advice is too great to not have the best realtor on your side. Lindsay is the best. 

Harrison & Danielle Hill

Lindsey is amazing. Best realtor I have ever worked with. Lindsey is super well connected and make things happen. She helped me get an offer through in a highly competitive environment, her connections are invaluable and I trust her advice 100%. Not only that, her husband is a fabulous lender and has lots of connections for all sorts of contractors. I felt welcome to a family, and really well taken care of. Thank you Lindsay and Nick, I would recommend you two with my eyes closed. 

Karla Flannery

Lindsay was incredible to work with throughout the process of selling our home. She went above and beyond from the start and we can’t recommend her enough.

Brandon & Colleen Pratt

Lindsay is an absolute rockstar and should teach a class example on what a realtors should be. The search, offer, transactional period, and close were easy and straightforward plus she helped us with coordinating aspects of the move outside of her contract like cleaners, painters, etc. Needless to say. We’ll be back.

Aaron & Krystal Rosenthal

Lindsay is a consummate professional and I wouldn’t want anyone else guiding me through the home-buying process. Lindsay took care of everything and explained the process to us as things arose. She is the person you want on your side when buying or selling a home

Spencer Liolios

We loved working with Lindsay! We knew we were in great hands and could rely on her to help with the selling process seamlessly. She remained, patient with us and took care of everything! She’s a very positive, knowledgeable and enjoyable person!

Amy Jones

Lindsay is very knowledgeable about the KC area market & never steers me wrong. She has helped me buy & sell several times over, & it is always a pain free process when she is leading the way. She listens to a client’s want & needs and uses her many contacts to make it happen.

Heather Torrey

Lindsay did a fantastic job of negotiating on our behalf. We won’t work with another agent as long as Lindsay continues to work.

Andrew & Regina Sullivan

Lindsay was great. My daughter had her as a realtor about 9 months earlier. She recommended Lindsay to me. I was very pleased with the results. She helped me find the perfect place for me. She and her helper Katy work together to give the best outcome you could possibly have. I also appreciate the referrals that Lindsay gave me to get the best service from people she trusts to give great service. I appreciated your friendly personality and dedication to your work. You were always right there through each step of the way guiding me through the buying process. Thank you so much for your excellent service

Monica Robischon

Lindsay is an outstanding realtor and brings with her an awesome team of support staff! We first interviewed Lindsay when the market was at it’s high, however we were not yet ready to list. Building a new home, we were anticipating putting the house on the market closer to when it would be ready. Even with the market frenzy she did not pressure us to list but encouraged us to stay with the timeline that worked for us. During that interview she was generous with her time and freely gave us measured advice on where we needed to focus our attention in terms of improvements we were considering. Several months later when we were ready to list and the market was slowing, we spoke with her again. Her confidence was not deterred in the least and this really set her apart and became the catalyst for our final decision to partner with Lindsay. She had been spot on with the changes we had made and her confidence in pricing showed her broad knowledge of the market. She was strategic in how she marketed our home and it proved very effective. We received an offer day one after the first showing where she also proved to be an expert negotiator. All along the way from beginning to end our project was managed accurately and timely with attention to even the smallest details. She is extremely reliable and accessible all the time! It was as smooth a transaction as we have ever experienced in our years of buying and selling homes. We will certainly use Lindsay in the future and highly recommend anyone, considering buying or selling, to speak with Lindsay. She is truly a valuable partner and without exception, demonstrates she has your best interests at heart!

Robert & Sherri Arend

When I told my friend we were going to put our home on the market she suggested Lindsay Schulze. Lindsay has been amazing from start to finish! She is ready to assist with anything with a quick response, impeccable knowledge and expertise and great personality. We were fortunate to have her assist in selling our home. She is an asset to Reece Nichols.Lindsay has been amazing from start to finish! She is ready to assist with anything with a quick response, impeccable knowledge and expertise and great personality. We were fortunate to have her assist in selling our home. She is an asset to Reece Nichols.

Avinash & Joyce Puri

At the start of the process, Lindsay explained step by step how the house sale would proceed and it went off without a hitch. Lindsay’s background and proven track record would prove to be in tact and exactly what we needed. She and her team, specifically Katy Brown, were on top of the sale every step of the way. All deadlines were set and were met and we sold the house in 6 days. The photographer who shot pictures of the house was very professional as well. When Lindsay and team told us something would get done it always did. Couldn’t recommend Lindsay S Schulze more and would encourage anyone who is in the market for a real estate agent to give Lindsay a call. Her expertise and professionalism brings great comfort in what can be a stressful situation.

Robert George

Lindsay and her team set us up for success. They coached us on everything from the timing of our listing, the listing price we should enter the market, to how to stage the home to make it appealing to a potential buyer. We sold within the first few weeks for over $60,000 more than we anticipated before we met Lindsay. Lindsay is a pleasure to work with, available for calls, email or text at all times, and has all of the intangibles. We would recommend her to anyone.

Kevin & Stacy Berman

At the start of the process, Lindsay explained step by step how the house sale would proceed and it went off without a hitch. Lindsay’s background and proven track record would prove to be in tact and exactly what we needed. She and her team, specifically Katy Brown, were on top of the sale every step of the way. All deadlines were set and were met and we sold the house in 6 days. The photographer who shot pictures of the house was very professional as well. When Lindsay and team told us something would get done it always did. Couldn’t recommend Lindsay S Schulze more and would encourage anyone who is in the market for a real estate agent to give Lindsay a call. Her expertise and professionalism brings great comfort in what can be a stressful situation.

Ann Sylvester

Lindsay’s attention to detail was extraordinary, her accessibility beyond reproach and her guidance and overall professionalism was outstanding. I recommended Lindsay’s to two neighbors (one listed and sold immediately after my home sale) and I know they were equally satisfied. I‘ve relocated six times over my career and this was far and away the best experience of them all.

Mike Mastromatteo

Lindsay is the absolute best agent in Kansas City! We have sold several homes with her and recently completed our first new build with her. She was by our side every step of the way and was instrumental in communicating with our builder. We are so grateful to have her as our agent. If you want to purchase an existing home, build a new constructions home or sell, she is AMAZING!

Kalin & Lindsay Hicks

Lindsay is a rockstar! She was so great to work with and was so helpful in getting our house sold fast. She is a go getter and does not slack on anything. She is the best!

Nick & Clare Blasi

Having bought and sold several homes in different parts of the country, can honestly say I’ve never had a realtor that worked harder or was more responsive that Lindsay. Sold one home in KC and bought another. And she’s just a really nice person!

Virginia & Robert Lefler

Lindsay was absolutely fantastic throughout the entire process. She works 24/7 to make sure you get the most from your home and also finding a new one. She truly cares about her clients, and it is of utmost importance to her to make sure you are happy. I would highly recommend Lindsay!

Jake & Ashley Werthman

Lindsay Schulze went above and beyond. Would recommend her to anyone.

Sarah Cochran

Lindsay and her team were invaluable guides as I sold my house! Lindsay’s knowledge and experience brought me confidence at decision points in the process. I appreciate that she offered guidance, but always let me know it was my choice. The team was attentive, informative and easy to worth with.

Molly White

Lindsay was so helpful in the buying and selling of our homes. She and her team made things easy on us and have a seamless process in place to make sure you feel prepared. Lindsay was always available for quick showings and questions and we got exactly what we had hoped for working with her!

Lane Harris

Lindsay has been our realtor for two home purchases and our first ever home sale. She was able to guide us through this tumultuous housing market and made sure we found the house we were looking for and not something we settle on. Without her expertise, we likely would’ve made a purchase that we wouldn’t be happy with. If and when we move again, we will use Lindsay for the sale and purchase as we know she has our best interests at heart and her knowledge can’t be beat.

Derek & Catherine Broksieck

Lindsay is Absolutely the best in every way possible. I had not bought or sold a home in 25 years and was not looking forward to it in this crazy world. Once we met Lindsay-I knew we found the right lady. She knew how to make it as comfortable as possible, understood what I needed and knew how to motivate me to do what was necessary!! Lindsay Schulze is the Woman Magnificent in real.

Leanne Dolan

Lindsay Sierens-Schulze is an AMAZING realtor. We HIGHLY recommend Lindsay to all our friends and to anyone that wants the BEST realtor in KC!!! Working in partnership with Heather Bortnick Lindsay has delivered 200% on our needs. Always responsive and knowledgeable, Lindsay helped us navigate BOTH home purchasing and home selling (X2) over the past 3 years. On the selling side, Lindsay had us prepared for listing – insuring our home was ready to go with lots of buyers – selling to the first day to the first showing! Just as important she found our PERFECT new home and made sure our offer was presented to the seller quickly and negotiated the transaction masterfully. Thanks Lindsay – keep up the great work!

Steve & Stephanie Hawn

Lindsay goes above and beyond for her clients. She made the process of buying our home completely seamless. We will certainly be recommending her to our friends and colleagues needing an agent.

Reed & Kelly Hilton

Lindsay worked with us to purchase our first home and the most recent that we purchased. Her hard work enabled us to not sacrifice what we wanted, and we ultimately found our dream house. Without Lindsay’s expert guidance, we would likely be in a completely different position!

Derek & Catherine Broksieck

Lindsay is the best realtor I’ve ever worked with, and I’ve bought over 10 houses. When my dad passed, she helped our family find a new home for his dogs, so I wanted to use her services to buy a family house. Without Lindsay, we would not have gotten the deal, to put it simply. She was excellent at every stage, I could not recommend her more highly. I will absolutely work with her again should the time come.

Dr. Larry Burchett

Lindsay was terrific. From the first interview to pricing to staging to post-close follow up, Lindsay was always on point and always available. Best realtor we’ve had to date.

Leslie Hawes

Lindsay was incredible! We were purchasing a house remotely from out of state and Lindsay was so accommodating and professional, we would never use another realtor. As issues popped up with inspections or closing, Lindsay was always right there willing to assist and solve any and all problems. Cannot recommend Lindsay enough!!

Lucas Whited

Choosing Lindsay as our realtor was an easy decision based on glowing referrals and was later confirmed as the right decision after the successful process of purchasing our new home and selling our old home. The entire process was a breeze in a very difficult market, and Lindsay guided us through dodging some less than optimal homes before we found “the one.” She gave us great advice on what she thought the price would be to seal the deal (without overpaying) and was proactive in communicating with the seller’s agent, resulting in us getting our dream home. The process was just as easy on the sell side and we’re thrilled with the terms and price we settled on for our old home. She was a great mediator between the previous owners of our current home and the new owners of our prior home, helping us out with every little question. Beyond the buying and selling process, she has offered up great advice and referrals for everything from painting to upholstery and contractors for our new home. We have nothing but great things to say about her!

Nicole Leggio

Lindsay was wonderful with helping me to sell my property from out of state. Her communication was thorough and consistent and as the property proved to be one challenge after the next, she made it as easy as possible for me to maintain my sanity through the process and we got it done. Thank you!

Nick Anderson

Lindsay is amazing! She remained calm and informative as we navigated through the crazy market for both selling our home and buying a new one. We would 100% recommend Lindsay for anyone with real estate needs!

Brian & Sarah Axman

Lindsay Schulze was amazing. She was responsive and proactive. She had answers for every question. She went above and beyond to make sure our house got good publicity and showings. I have already recommended her to friends!

Ben & Angela Martin

This is the second time we have had the pleasure of working with Lindsay and her team. Two years ago she helped us close on some acreage for us to build our future forever home. This spring we listed our home of the past 8 years for sale and two days later we were signing the contract. At the time, Lindsey was actually in Mexico on a work trip she had been awarded but you would never have known. She stayed in touch with us the entire time…letting us know about scheduled showings, keeping us up to date on all of our offers and ultimately helping us choose which buyer had put together the best overall offer. Lindsey is charismatic, organized, punctual, knowledgeable, dedicated and giving. She’s the best for a reason!

Chelsie Harper

To say Lindsay is an amazing realtor is an understatement. She has helped us sell 2 houses and purchase 3. Her knowledge of the real estate market and tireless work ethic is unparalleled. She is a highly skilled negotiator, very detail oriented, not to mention incredibly kind. We cannot sing her praises enough.

Britt & Kelly Bieri

Lindsay and her team were amazing! We felt VERY confident that our home of 20 + years was in great hands. From the moment we met Lindsay to the very last document signed, we were at ease knowing she understood us, understood the market and was very comfortable making tough decisions quickly and effectively. We got top dollar and then some for our home! We attribute our outstanding experience to her tenacity and ability to maneuver her way through a tough, confusing pandemic market. Call her! You won’t regret it for a second!!!

Lisa Salacz

Lindsay and her team are first-rate. She is well networked across the communities and high energy to get the deals done. No doubt, one of the best in the business.

Jonathan Burkett

As first time home buyers, we were fortunate to have Lindsay Schulze as our agent. Lindsay is a professional; She knows the ins and outs and even stays in touch well after the process / closing to ensure we felt comfortable. We will certainly refer and utilize Lindsay’s services again in the future

Thomas Swarts & Tayler Marquess

Very communicative, makes you feel like you’re in a partnership, tons of referrals for service people so you don’t feel alone, got us an incredible house in a competitive market

Philip Silverman & Emily Hirsekorn

Lindsay Schulze was FANTASTIC! We couldn’t have been served better, or more informed. Only wish the world had more people like Lindsay!

Dave & Debra McGuire

Excellence in every aspect of my buying and selling. All stemming from the quality of the person who directed the process …Lindsay Schulze

Carol Schulze

From the beginning, Lindsay took the time to meet with us and find out what our goals were in selling our home. She and her staff made us feel like valued partners in this process. She leveraged her significant expertise in the marketplace to provide us with the best possible advice as we proceeded through the listing process. Her team at Reece Nichols was exceptional from top to bottom. They were all extremely responsive to any questions or issues that we raised during the process. Lindsay always made herself available via text, email or phone to discuss any issues that came up. In the end, she took time away from vacation to be sure that our closing proceeded smoothly.

I would highly recommend Lindsay as your realtor. I don’t believe you can find a better, more qualified and competent team to employ when selling your home in the Kansas City area. Her professionalism is only exceeded by her personal warmth and ability to effectively communicate with her clients. She exceeded our high expectations when we engaged her to market and sell our home.

Jeffrey & Andrea Miller

Lindsay is the finest realtor we have ever dealt with. She had our interests at heart no matter when we would call. She was an excellent negotiator, and was unflappable when dealing with an unethical sellers agent. She took notes and would transmit them to us as reminders, knowing that we had our thoughts in multi directions. There is a reason that she is #1 …she is smart but outworks her competition. I would refer her to anyone, and will ask her to list our home in a nano-second. Thank you Lindsay

Mike and Janet Jones

Lindsay was amazing to work with! We moved from another state and she helped us find an amazing home in an awesome neighborhood. Couldn’t have asked for a better partner to find a home for our family.

Renae Moch

Lindsay is one of the top agents in the city for a reason. She puts her clients first and makes sure they get the best deal out there on both purchases and sales!

Brian Beggs

My wife and I have worked with Lindsay to purchase 2 homes and sell one home. Our previous experiences with buying and selling homes always felt like a “bare bones” experience. Lindsay is much more proactive in her approach, and she consistently provides good and realistic advice. She exhibits a level of professional that is refreshing.  While I hope not to have to move anytime soon, I would easily work with Lindsay again. I would also have no hesitation with recommending her to any friends or family.

Ryan Mullins

Lindsay is the best. We have used her twice. Once to purchase, then again several years later to sell/purchase. Since then, she is still available. I needed a recommendation for home improvement and Lindsay is still there for me. She is ALWAYS on your side!!

Amy Mullins

Lindsay is 100% hands down the best realtor in the industry. She helped me with my first home purchase over 10 years ago along with a few properties in between. It doesn’t matter if your home is under $100k or over $1M, she gives you her full attention, trust, dedication and loyalty along the way. Run, don’t walk to get Lindsay to be a part of your buying or selling process. You will find yourself calling her for years to come! Thank you for all your help, Lindsay!

Erica Voss

Lindsay is absolutely the top professional of real estate! My husband and I have bought and sold a few houses, and this was by far the best experience that we’ve had. Lindsay provides a personalized concierge experience and is always one step ahead. We are so grateful for her first-class treatment and exceptional knowledge- We are clients for life!

Jesse and Aimee Mayhew

Lindsay is the Energizer bunny in human form with a mix of real estate encyclopedia.  She was professional, extremely fast, beyond helpful, and a pleasure to work with.  If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought we were her only clients.

Bess and Jim Covert

Lindsay was the best agent to work with. She took control of everything that I needed her to do and she was able to put me at ease when I would get nervous. When I had questions, her and her team’s response time back to me was so impressive, made me feel like I was the only client. She is extremely knowledgeable and professional, and it shows from the start to the finish on the selling and buying sides. I trusted Lindsay throughout this whole process, and when the time comes again for me to move, I’ll be sure to use Lindsay!

Kat Reves

Lindsay helped us with a move from the Wichita area. She was willing to help out however she could with us being out of town. She helped us line up some contractors to do some work before we got moved in as well. It helped to alleviate some stress with not being there and having someone with her experience to assist us. She was great to work with.

Kevin and Amanda Mohr

Lindsay did a great job for us. She helped us figure out what we needed to do to get our home sold quickly – and we did sell it quickly! She was professional in every way and followed through on every detail. Most importantly she helped us resolve some snags that developed towards the end of the selling process. She was really great and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to sell a home.

Margaret Donley

Lindsay did an amazing job helping us sell our home! After months on the market attempting to sell by owner we decided it was time to get an agent to help us. We chose Lindsay based on her excellent reviews, and she did not disappoint! Lindsay got our listing up quickly and we were very pleased with her marketing strategy for our home. She was in constant contact with us and when we got an offer for our home she did an outstanding job of negotiating for us and closing the deal. We are so grateful to Lindsay and will absolutely use her in the future for buying or selling!

Kaleb & Abby Hahn

I had a great experience with Lindsay Schulze as my realtor. I appreciated her experience and knowledge about all aspects: finding prospective houses, knowing a good value, and being concerned about my investment!

Susan Parrish

We are so appreciative of Lindsay’s inexhaustible effort that resulted in the sale of our house. Her methodology and availability greatly reduced our stress as did her excellent communication skills

Brian & Danielle Dunoski

Lindsay knocked it out of the park. Listed on Friday, 6 showings over weekend and two full price offers, closing 5 weeks later. We couldn’t be any happier.

Sam McChesney

Lindsay was an incredible realtor, we couldn’t have had a better experience!  Thanks for helping us find our dream home!

Todd & Kelci Kappelmann

Sold my house in a day. Super friendly and an easy to work with.

Dani Pendleton

Home buying/selling experience was great as always with Lindsay, things went fast and smooth as we wanted!

Dallas Massie

Lindsay is an all-star! I’m so glad we found her. This is our 3rd house we have sold/bought with her and I couldn’t be happier

Maureen Massie

Lindsay was such a pleasure to have as our agent, she made the process a breeze and was on top of everything!! Having a great agent makes such a difference when buying/selling a home and we are so glad that we chose Lindsay!

Julie Pangborn

We’ve bought 2 homes and sold 1 with Lindsay. Her knowledge of the market was excellent which helped us in both buying and selling. Her excellent service doesn’t end with the sale and we have been able to call her with questions and help finding services to get our homes the way we want them. Would highly recommend using Lindsay to anyone.

Doug Sublett

Lindsay is the absolute best. She helped us sell our house. She helped us build/buy our new house. Downsizing could not have been easier. She knows EVERYONE. Need help? She knows someone. Lindsay and her team are the gold standard in the KC metro. Period. No one better.

Randall Rhodes

I personally had an exceptional experience with Lindsay. She is very knowledgeable at her craft and exhibited professionalism at all times throughout my successful experience with her. I would highly recommend her for your Real Estate needs. 

Michael Hill

Lindsay was great! She made selling our house such an easy and enjoyable experience. We would recommend her to anyone we know looking for help selling or buying a home!

Cole B Sheldon

Lindsay Sierens Schulze is a well qualified Real Estate Salesperson to have the pleasure to work with ! She has a wonderful personality and will make sure you understand all of the transactions involved. We have sold property prior to this last sale and because of Lindsay’s reassuring and calming personality, our journey through this challenge was a lot less stressful. We recommend Lindsay Sierens Schulze !

Hattie Spears

Over the years, I have worked with Lindsay on the purchase of two homes, and selling of both of them also. She is professional, efficient, assertive, and a whole lot of fun to work with. She knows the KC market well, and I will work with her every time I have a real estate need.

Heather Torrey

I was so impressed with Lindsay and she made selling my home an easy and quick process with great results. My home was advertised well and it sold in 3 days. She gave helpful tips on showing my home and was easy to reach with any questions. I would recommend her highly to anyone selling a home!

Kimberly Schraeder

We have known Lindsay and her family for years, she was our next door neighbor for many years. When it came time to sell our home we couldn’t think of a better person to work with us. Lindsay and her team are super thorough and professional. They know their stuff and can help you get the most out of your sale. She is a realist and tells you straight up what will work and won’t and what to do to highlight the value in your home. Selling a house can be a daunting process, but Lindsay make it smooth and straight forward from the signing of the list agreement to the closing, she and her team are right there. She is stellar in our book.

Shawn and Shellie Vadnais

FANTASTIC CHOICE!!!! Lindsay was an outstanding agent for BOTH selling our home and finding the perfect new one. Lindsay represented our interests and was available around-the-clock to get both our closings successfully completed! Thank you Lindsay:) – we highly recommend you!

Stephanie Hawn

Lindsay was great. We had a very quick purchase and closing, and she helped us get a lot accomplished within the tight parameters established by the sellers. She was readily available for all our questions, however big or small, and demonstrated a great deal of competence and knowledge throughout the entire process. Her experience and assistance were invaluable to my wife and I, who were first time home buyers. All in all, a great experience working with Lindsay.

George Cutucache

Lindsay was always on top things and made our selling and buying experience exceptional!

Jonathan Thomas

Lindsay is amazing. She works harder than any agent we have ever worked with. She sold our house in a day during a global pandemic – doesn’t get any tougher than that! Would highly recommend and would never use another agent again.

Jesse and Aimee Mayhew

Having lived in Leawood for nearly fifteen years prior to my retirement in 2011, I was familiar with Lindsay and her excellent reputation. Our permanent residence is now in Florida, but we wanted a second home, closer to our grandchildren. We knew that much of the work would be done when we were out of town, requiring an agent we could trust to manage the details. Lindsay did not disappoint. From the purchase negotiation to the closing, Lindsay was at the top of her game, providing timely advice and monitoring the all-consuming paperwork. Nothing fell through the cracks. Because we knew Lindsay was handling all the details, the process was a pleasure. We closed on time and, even after the closing, she was in touch, offering help and advice as we transitioned into our new condo. Thank you Lindsay, for your hard work and attention to detail. Our grandchildren thank you as well.

Wayne and Anne Godsey

Lindsay is absolutely amazing!  My husband and I have bought and sold a few houses, and this was by far the best experience we’ve had.  It truly felt like a personalized concierge service.  Lindsay was always one step ahead!  We are so grateful and are clients for life!

Jonathan & Johnna Thomas

Lindsay was amazing from start to finish. She negotiated on our behalf in a multi-offer scenario to ensure we were the buyers chosen. With us relocating and being in another state for most of the process, she made sure to be our boots on the ground meeting anyone that we would have under normal circumstances. She even helped us find some local vendors to perform a few things at the home immediately after close. Quick communication and response time. We can’t recommend Lindsay enough!!

Samantha and Matt Varnadore

Lindsay was just super from start to close! She kept me informed at every step. She made me feel like my home was her top priority. Lindsay offered excellent advice and counsel. She was forthcoming about the shifting market during this crazy COVID time and what we needed to do given the reality. She was serious about getting my house sold, but she doesn’t take herself seriously. So approachable, so clear in explaining things. She and her team were spectacular in managing expectations through the entire process and always immediately available for questions or anything else related to the process. Easy to work with, sold quickly and made it enjoyable—couldn’t ask for a better combination.

Ronda Zillner

I hired Lindsay as my real estate agent based on a referral from friends of mine (Matt and Jackie Mayerske).  I have used other real estate agents in the past, but Lindsay made me feel very comfortable with the sales process especially with the listing price on my home.   She showed me several listings in my area and used that as base line to determine the listing price.  This was very important to me since

I had a very bad experience in the past in which my house was listed at a price that was not realistic for the market at that time.  Lindsay was accessible at any time to answer questions and was excellent in keeping me informed on where we were at in the sales process.   She helped me get the best deals with contractors to get my house ready to go on the market.  She did not ask me to do more changes than necessary to get the house updated for the market.  I really appreciate her working with me on that.  Once my house was listed on the market,  I had several showings in two days which resulted in 8 offers which totally blew me away.    The offers were either at my asking price or more.   This totally exceeded my expectations.  Lindsay did an awesome job of walking me through each offer.  I was very comfortable in our decision on which offer to accept.  She kept me updated during the closing process which was moved very quickly and I had a very small list of items to address on my house with the new buyers.   Again, exceeded my expectations. You are in good hands with Lindsay and will get the best price for your house.   She is also a friend and would absolutely use her services again if I decide to buy or sell a house in the future.

Phil Anderson

The process of selling a house and purchasing a new one can often be very stressful. My wife Brenda and I have had the pleasure of knowing Lindsay Schulze for many years. Lindsay has represented us through three of our own moves as well as representing the sale of my elderly father’s house. Lindsay also represented each of our three sons with the purchase of their first houses. Lindsay is Special! Her professional and fun loving style has provided us with many great home buying and selling experiences. She uses a “matter of fact approach” that we truly appreciate. No matter what need arises, Lindsay has the answer, or a trusted contact that will fill that need. Lindsay is truly a “one stop shop” for real estate transactions. We love working with Lindsay and she will be our agent forever.
Marty and Brenda Clifford

My wife and I have dealt with many realtors over the years and we can say that Lindsay Sierens-Schulze is hands-down the best realtor we have ever worked with. When looking for houses in the upper price ranges you expect more from your realtor. Lindsay exceeded our expectations in every way. She is everything you want in a Realtor, extremely organized, detail oriented, and professional. But, beyond that Lindsay was a joy to work with and perhaps most importantly; we always had the feeling she was on our side and working hard towards our best interest. If you want a great experience working with a realtor Lindsay is the person to call. Thank you so much for all your hard work Lindsay.
Kyle and Carrie Shulman

We recently relocated to Kansas City as part of a corporate relocation process and had the extreme good fortune of being paired with Lindsay Schulze as our agent. Buying a house is never the easiest experience; however, ours seemed exceptionally difficult. Lindsay was the force behind a successful home purchase! She ultimately pulled us through. We saw over 50 homes as we got acclimated to the region.  Lindsay showed much patience as we did this. She immediately honed in on our taste and preferences and gave us mindful and useful advice. Her honesty was refreshing as she helped steer us through the various neighborhoods, renovated properties, and market conditions. As we found a house to purchase, she served as a buffer and advocate between ourselves and the sellers.  Lindsay was an immeasurable resource as we went through the inspection and closing process, with her knowledge of home remodeling. For every step of the process, she was extremely organized, proactive, and ready to fight for her clients. Living multiple states away, she actively fought for us in situations where we were less able to do so for ourselves. She was able to expertly diffuse high stress situations and help us arrive at reasonable resolves.  Lindsay will be our agent for as long as we are in the area; if we ever move outside of Kansas or Missouri, we will be at a sore disadvantage. None of our past agents took nearly the same kind of care and concern that Lindsay did with us. She is truly the best representative a buyer or seller could have. With sincere regards.
Kyle and Sarah Duff

If you’ve ever watched daytime television, you’ve probably seen a few lawyer advertisements.  At the end of whatever legal product they’re selling, they will end with the disclaimer that choosing a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based on advertising.  I believe this should go for real estate agents as well.  Listen up first time home buyers!  Unfortunately, there are buyers agents out there that do not have your best interests in mind.  It is pretty easy to spin any negative aspect of a prospective house into a positive.  You say small, I say “cozy”.  You say dilapidated, I say “rustic”. They may also try to convince you an offer is worth taking just to quickly push the deal through so they can get on to their next client.  “Enjoy your house; call us in a few years to sell it!” These agents are not necessarily on your side despite their claims and should be ashamed of themselves. The moral of the story is be careful who you sign that agent exclusivity contract with.  While I was unlucky enough to have randomly selected the realtor from the previous paragraph, my faith in realtors was completely restored and then some by Lindsay when it came time to buy a new house and sell the old one.  Realtors should not be hired based on advertisements or by chance.  Look at records, compare with others, get references…speaking of which, here’s mine: Lindsay Schulze works hard for her clients and has the track record to prove it.  It’s obvious she loves her work and I have the 12am – 4am emails to prove it.  My wife and I met Lindsay through a mutual friend a few years ago while we were looking to move from our “first-time-home-buyers-house” to another place across town. She helped facilitate every aspect of the buying process, from pulling comps in the area and discussing various positives and negatives to developing bidding strategies, as well as post-inspection demands.  The work/research she put in would ultimately provide us with enough leverage to get our new home at a great price.  Having a realtor that was on our side was a nice change of pace. Of course…buying the new house is always easier than selling the old house. One word of caution, if you’re trying to sell your house she will be honest with you.  What is different about Lindsay is that when faced with a difficult sell she will not insist you just put it on the market below value just to get the quick sale (even if that’s what you wanted to do).  Instead, she’ll give you a list of things to do and an optimistic listing price which at the end of the day saved me thousands of dollars.  While trying to get the house in selling order, whether it was carpet, paint, landscaping, it seemed as though Lindsay always had “a guy for that”.  This was good considering how overwhelming it can get when hiring contractors and keeping to a schedule.  In fact, to this day, I still use workers she had recommended. One must understand during the time I was selling the old house, the market was not in my favor, so when the eventual buyer made their offer, it was easy to let emotions cloud better judgment and accept whatever they offered.  Luckily for me, Lindsay was on my side.  Her aggressive negotiating skills are worth whatever you’re paying her.  During this process she would calmly reassure me that she knows a bluff when she sees it and to go bold with counter-offers.  Just to reiterate: thousands of dollars. I don’t anticipate ever selling our new house we bought with Lindsay’s help; it is my family’s perfect home.  But in the event that we do, or are in need of another perfect home, I want Lindsay on my side.
Greg and Tiffany Troutman

I would like to take this opportunity to express my utmost appreciation and respect for Lindsay Sierens-Schulze as a superior real estate agent.  As a first-time home buyer, I knew little about the myriad of steps involved in purchasing a home.  Lindsay’s energy and dedication to helping me find the perfect home made the process absolutely fluent.  Time and again, Lindsay went far beyond the expected responsibilities of a buyer’s agent, making sure I had the perfect lender, inspectors, insurance, neighborhood, and home—even down to finding the phone numbers of the utility companies servicing the new neighborhood. When complications arose, Lindsay stepped up and took care of every situation. Making herself constantly accessible to my every phone call—regardless of the time of day or day of the week—she not only made me feel as though I were her top priority, but also as though I were her sole client. I recommend Lindsay Sierens as a real estate agent to anyone who requires perfection and steadfast determination.
Gustaf Van Acker

Lindsay was our Realtor, representing us as home buyers. She was very available for all of our questions and concerns. She even spoke with us while she was on vacation in Colorado! Lindsay appears to have the interest of the buyers (us) as her priority. Even after the sale, Lindsay has kept in contact with us to make sure that all is going well in the new home. We appreciate Lindsay’s energy and enthusiasm. We would really recommend her to anyone needing a Realtor in the greater Kansas City area.
Dr. and Mrs. Norberto Restituto

We are finally settled into our new home and we wanted to take this rime to let you know just how much help Lindsay was to us during our home search over the past six months.  Lindsay certainly made all those long days of looking at homes a lot more enjoyable for our family with her positive attitude, her beautiful smile, and her truly genuine concern for our happiness.

When we first contacted her we had no idea that she would make our relocation process virtually pain free.  We were most impressed when she set us up to receive emails of new listings that fit our personalized specifications.  It was very helpful and allowed us to preview homes before actually traveling to the Overland Park area to see them in person. She stayed connected to us and continued to keep us motivated as we began the months of looking for just the right home, and she gave us her honest opinion when we asked for it.  She kept us focused and never let us lose sight of our goal, which was to find a home with just the right location that we could feel comfortable and safe in. After looking at hundreds of homes over the Intranet, and actually looking at 84 homes in person with her as our guide, we finally found the home that we knew was right for us. Lindsay arranged everything for us and set up the inspections as well as spent the day with us during the inspections to assure that we understood everything that was happening.  She even set up the carpet cleaning for us with her own personal carpet cleaner. We feel like we hit the jackpot with Lindsay as our Realtor.

Just days before our closing when we got news from our lender that our loan could not be closed because of an error on their part she never lost her composure, and she rolled up her sleeves and guided us to the person who helped us make the closing happen as originally planned.  Her knowledge of this business and her enthusiasm is truly an asset she should be proud of. Thank you, Lindsay, so much for everything that you have done for us, and for continuing to stay in touch.  You are more than a Realtor to us now, you are our friend, and there is nothing valued more than a friend.

Larry, Chris and Lauren Drummond

Lindsay is awesome. James and I feel that she and her team has made our buying experience painless and stress free. We told her what we were looking for and she showed us plenty of homes we could not just afford but could really see ourselves enjoying. There was never any pressure to buy, she let us look and decide on our own what we liked best. We also feel comfortable referring her to our friends and family because we know that she will take care of them as well as she did us. WE LOVE OUR HOME!!!!!
James Boomer and Brian Redmon

We appreciate you making the entire sale and Purchase process an easy and enjoyable one. It was nice the way everything worked out. Thanks again!
Brett, Debbie, Erin and Abby Smith

On behalf of myself and my wife, I want to extend my sincere appreciation to your fellow team member Lindsay Sierens-Schulze.  Lindsay was referred to us by Plaza Mortgage back in June of ’06. At the time, my wife and I were in the preliminary phase of looking for a new house. Lindsay was friendly and affable to us right from the beginning. We expressed interest in a new subdivision in Spring Hill. Lindsay was able to coordinate a conference with the head builder. We had a very good meeting. I could tell she placed a significant amount of time and effort in addressing our needs and concerns. After several weeks of considering our options and financial situation, we decided at the time to pursue this area, or a new home for that fact. When we mentioned this to Lindsay, I knew deep down she was disappointed since she placed quite a bit of time and effort on us. She kept her positive and professional demeanor with us at all times. We did feel guilty about backing out at the time. Lindsay said she understood our predicament. Around the end of ’06 my wife came across another new subdivision that was being constructed in West Olathe. We did not communicate with Lindsay with Lindsay during the later part of ’06; we did however remember to call her when we showed interest in the new subdivision. Lindsay was very grateful for the call. She was able to meet us at the model home within a very short notice. When we decided to move into these new subdivisions, the entire process of selling our home existing house as well as coordinating everything for our new home was one of the most stressful events we ever had to go through. If it wasn’t for Lindsay’s encouragement and positive attitude, I doubt if we could have gone through with this transaction. She was able to address all of our concerns and worries. My wife and I could tell she knew what she was doing. Thanks to her knowledge and coordination, I can safely say the entire moving process went without any significant problems. We did have a few snags, nothing however due to Lindsay. Lindsay did what she said she would do. She returned every phone message and email that was sent to her. She was able address immediately all questions we asked that she knew the answer to. If she did not know the answer, she would find out and let us know as soon as possible. She was an absolute pleasure to work with!! We now have been in our home for almost six weeks. All in all, it has been a very satisfying experience. Once we have all our “junk” put away (maybe by beginning of ’08) we will feel that we can finally put closure on this move. Once again, we want to convey our immense appreciation for Lindsay. Having agents like her is a true testament to the type of organization that Koehler Bortnick is. We will gladly refer her to anyone we know who wants to sell or purchase a home.
John and Kenya Porter

Words cannot explain how pleased my husband and I were with Lindsay’s services in assisting us sell our house. We were trying to sell in a very cold time of year when there were many homes on the market in our area of Leawood. Lindsay did a great job getting foot traffic through the house and we did an even better job following up on the Realtor on the other end to find out what their clients liked and didn’t like. Lindsay’s strongest and most valuable asset is her very strong communication skills. We very much enjoyed working with Lindsay and would use her again.
Kate and Brian Schnitta

Lindsay was great! This was our first sale and buy. She was very responsive to all our questions.
Joe and Danielle McPeek

Thank you for proving, once again, that you are someone we can count on! While we were still in San Antonio, you worked hard to gather information on prospective homes for us and went out of your way to overnight valuable information to us. This enabled us to be better prepared to buy our home quickly upon arrival. Your aggressive and professional manner served us well in preparing an offer, and the end result is a home that we are very excited and grateful to have. We appreciate your professionalism, promptness, and attention to detail as well. Working with you, we know we have a strong advocate in our corner and we will not hesitate to highly recommend you to friends in the future.
Scott and Pam Barnes

Lindsay did an outstanding job! She kept us informed and updated on everything that happened during the sale of our former residence and the purchasing of a new one! We highly recommend her.
Alice and Jim Burris

We love Lindsay! She was a delight to work with and we wish we could have taken her with us to our new city and have her as our realtor!
Guy and Megan Donahue

Lindsay was an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only was she highly knowledgeable, professional, hardworking and reassuring, but she also showed genuine care and concern for our family. She knew that we were not just buying and selling houses, but rather, homes that had been and would become part of our family’s story.
Jessica and Chris Roth

What a great day it was the day we met you on Summit Street! We had no idea what changes were going to happen in our lives in the following two months that day. You made buying our new home and selling our home on Alden Lane a very smooth and easy event. We cannot ever thank you enough. You started out being our real estate agent and ended up being a good friend. Whenever we had a question, you took care of it. You advised us on what needed to be done and when and we will forever be grateful. Since both sales happened so fast, your advice, assistance and friendship meant the world to us. We moved on June 6th and we are happy to say all the boxes are unpacked and it now feels like HOME. You will never have a client more pleased than we are. We will certainly send anyone we know, who has interest in buying or selling a home your direction. We know you will take care of them, as you did us. Please come over and visit anytime. Again, THANK YOU Lindsay for everything you have done for us. We really appreciate it.
Butch and Mary Koelling

It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I write this letter to share the positive experience we’ve had with Lindsay Schulze as our realtor.  If you are interested in finding a real estate agent that is looking out for “your” best interests and keeping you informed while remaining extremely organized throughout the process, Lindsay Schulze is the agent for you.  She exceeded all of our expectations.  My family and I relocated to the Kansas City area from North Dakota for a job opportunity.  This would be our first move out-of-state from a much smaller city to a large metro area, so it was a bit daunting for us to find a place to live.  We had no friends or family here to get us acquainted with the surroundings.  Lindsay was recommended to us by my employer, so we took their advice and made a connection with her.  We are so glad we did!  Lindsay treated us like friends from the very first meeting with her and gave us a tour of several residential areas based on the specifications that we were looking for.  My husband and I could tell instantly that Lindsay was a genuinely kind person and was there to meet our needs and lead us through the home-buying process.  She was an expert on the Kansas City metro area and was quickly tuned in to what we were looking for in our new home. She kept us informed throughout the entire process, even while we were out-of-state preparing for the transition to Kansas City, she worked hard to assist us.  We have absolutely nothing but positive things to say about Lindsay and our experience with her. She made this big transition for us seamless and worry-free. We knew that Lindsay had a handle on things and we could trust her to get us through the relocation process.  She is amazing and truly the best real estate agent we have ever worked with. We will be telling all of our friends and family about our experience with her and most definitely use her services again in the future if needed. We love our new home and our neighborhood!!  Thank you, Lindsay!
Duane and Renae Moch

Thank you for all your help in buying our first house. Seamus and I could not be happier with the home. I have provided our recommendation of your work. We are very thankful for all your help in the entire process. You made the first time home buying process as stress free as possible. Neither of us will have any problem recommending you to anyone we know who is interested in buying or selling a home. When my brother and I decided to purchase a house, several people recommend we use Lindsay as our realtor, and now we will be recommending her to everyone we know. Lindsay met and exceeded all expectations, and we could not have been more pleased with Lindsay’s knowledge and hard work in every aspect of the home buying process.  She provided excellent, objective advice to make sure we bought the right house. We will be using Lindsay as our real estate resource In the Kansas City area for years to come.
Sean and Seamus McLaughlin

Thank you for everything you have done for our family over the past year. Were just “small town folks” from North Dakota and you found a beautiful home for us here in Kansas. You were able to sell it quickly when we resold less than a year later. Thanks for everything!
Duane & Renae Moch

Lindsay was amazing. She always treated me like an important client and made the first time home buying process really easy. I appreciated her great customer service and her input. She helped me make a good investment and wasn’t afraid to warn me away from properties that wouldn’t be good first time home investments. I really appreciated her honesty and council on this.
Jennifer McNaughton

Working with Lindsay was so easy and reassuring. I loved how honest she was with us while selling our home and how persistent she was in helping us look for our new home. The home is not just a place sleep, but a place where my family makes memories and shares our love. She did not take the sale of our home lightly and she worked her tail off helping find THE home that fit all our needs AND wants. I felt confident in her abilities and will undoubtedly only use her in the future! Thank you for EVERYTHING!
Crystal and Nathan Holden

Thank you for being our wonderful realtor! I’m glad you hung in there with us. You’ve been incredibly easy to work with and your positive attitude is a gem. We really appreciate you taking on a home in the country and working with us from out of state; something much easier said than done. If we were still in the area, we’d absolutely love to work with you again.
Kari and Seth Hollub

Lindsay Schulze was our agent when we recently purchased. She was outstanding- always very flexible since we were buying in KC but living in NYC and negotiated very effectively. I would definitely use her again and recommend her to my friends and colleagues.
Aaron and Caryne Samulcek

We really enjoyed Lindsay as a person and also an agent. She is full of knowledge regarding her line of work and she is very professional. We had multiple agents through the time we had our house on the market and Lindsay was by far the best and we were very lucky to have her as our agent!
Anoush and Zahra Fardipour

We recently sold our house, using Lindsay as our agent.  She is very professional and knowledgeable.  She directed us in what was needed to make our home more appealing to a potential buyer.  Our house did not have a garage, which typically would have made it harder to sell.  Usually, houses without a garage will be on the market for 6+ months, however, with Lindsay’s guidance and support our house sold within 4 months.  My sister also used Lindsay as her selling agent.  Her home had been on the market, with another realtor, for six months, with no real activity.  After her contract expired with the other realtor, my sister chose Lindsay as the agent to list her house.  And, after choosing Lindsay, the house sold within a matter of weeks. I especially liked the fact that she used a professional photographer to take the pictures that were shown on the internet.  I know, in my experience of looking for a home on the internet, when the pictures were not taken well, I usually dismissed the house from my list.  I know that when someone looked on the internet at the pictures posted for my home, they were my house as it truly looked.  We also used Lindsay as our buying agent.  She looked out for our interests, pulling area information for all of the houses we looked at.  She also made us aware of things that would benefit or be detrimental to the resale of the property we were looking at.  Lindsay has a vast knowledge of real estate and marketing techniques, which she uses to ensure the best possible outcome for her clients.  She was always available for any questions or concerns we had.  Whether she is a listing or selling agent, she is the best you could find.
Rob and Lisa Sinow

You were amazing to help us buy our home- while we were expecting our second baby girl. We are so happy with the bigger space and Corinne LOVES her backyard. Thanks for putting up with our craziness. You are the best!!!!!
Andrew and Katie George

Lindsay sold my wife her house in 2008 and she had a great experience. That, along with Lindsay’s reputation, prompted us to select her for the sale of our rental property. Lindsay did a great job in marketing/selling our rental. This was a huge relief and we can now prepare to sell our current home and upgrade next Summer. Lindsay was an excellent agent and we look forward to working with her in the future!
Erik Crane

We’re glad we chose Lindsay Sierens-Schulze as our agent. Our property was unique and had a limited pool of buyers and did take time to find the right buyer. Lindsay handled our issues and helped us through some difficult times during the process. She continued to follow up and was so positive and was always there for us when we needed her. Lindsay is the nicest, most genuine and caring person we’ve worked with and along with her great sales skills, she has the whole package!! I would definitely recommend her!!
Patsy and Donald Miller

Lindsay went above and beyond any expectations we had. Her professionalism and responsiveness throughout the entire process was remarkable. My wife and I couldn’t be any happier with how Lindsay helped us navigate our way through this transaction.
Bill and Anne Marx

We live in a small town in central Kansas and decided to move to Kansas City to be closer to our children and grandchildren. We were referred by a family member to Lindsay Schulze and were very pleased with our entire process with her. She inquired as to what we were looking for and immediately started sending us emails with possible homes to look at. We would come to Kansas City on the weekends and tour homes that she had arranged for us. Never once did we feel pressure and immediately felt comfortable with her. With Lindsay, you feel the confidence that she will be honest and point out anything with the home that she feels would possibly be a concern or problem. It truly felt like we were looking at homes with one of our own family members. We decided on a spec home that was already under construction and she looked out for us in every aspect of the building process. She even went to battle for us after we moved in, due to a weather delay. We highly recommend Lindsay to anyone who is interested in the purchase of a home in Kansas City area. You won’t be disappointed.
Jay and Patti Anderson

I have worked with Lindsay for a few years now buying houses. Her knowledge, expertise, and professionalism are impeccable. I found 2 houses that were listed with Reece Nichols and I called Lindsay Schulze to purchase both of the homes. I would never buy a house without Lindsay. Lindsay is very thorough and she follows up and is very efficient about getting back to you in a timely manner. Lindsay is always there when you need her and always with a smile on her face! There is no one better in real estate than Lindsay Schulze.
Lesa Johnson

Lindsay Schulze was fantastic to work with again. She gave us great advice in prepping for our sale, priced the home right and marketed it well. She is incredibly attentive to detail. Her response time to emails/texts/calls is so fast. We had 8 offers within 24 hours and it sold for well over ask!! I would definitely recommend Lindsay Schulze.
Erik and Jeanne Crane

Lindsay made the process of buying our first home easy! Thank you so much and we will definitely use her for our future real estate needs!
Emily and Patrick Marx

She is a very kind person, helped us to sell our house as a friendly neighbor. She has a wonderful service team, works six days a week, does all kinds of professional services as a agent!

Wenjing Cao & Lewis Liu

Lindsay and her team were so helpful and kind during my selling and buying process. They were there for me every step of the way and answered any and all questions I had. They made everything easy and smooth! My home had multiple offers and sold well over list price! Lindsay helped me negotiate a great deal on my new home as well. I couldn’t be happier with Lindsay and her team! I highly recommend them!

Jodee McConnaughy

We never even hesitated when selecting Lindsay to help us sell our home. We met Lindsay close to 10 years ago when she assisted us in selling our first home and purchasing our next home. The process was smooth and seamless, so it was an easy decision to reach back out to Lindsay when we decided to sell the house we purchased with her assistance. Once again, Lindsay did not disappoint! After a quick text, we had a home meeting set, a list of changes and referrals for services, a realtor referral in New Hampshire, we listed our home and in less than a week after listing, (during high interest rates and a holiday season) the house was SOLD! Lindsay is MORE THAN JUST A “REALTOR”; Lindsay is a good human – she offered the emotional support I needed to guide me through the process of selling a home and buying a new home halfway across the country. Lindsay is knowledgeable, diligent, and hardworking coupled with a little sass and street smarts. She’s the best. I honestly have no idea how she does it all or if she sleeps! I will hands down always refer Lindsay as a realtor. However, more importantly, I consider Lindsay my friend. Love you Linds and THANK YOU for helping us

Lindsay & Kyle Habben

It is with pleasure that I write a recommendation for Lindsay Schulze, our agent for two sale transactions. Everything was done perfectly, Lindsay is very accessible — virtually any time daytimes or evenings. Each question was answered, every promise kept and it was such a pleasure to work with a total professional who really knows real estate and who provided guidance that was sound and very useful. If you are looking for a terrific real estate agent — Lindsay — without hesitation is your person! No regrets here at all. Thanks for the opportunity to share remarks for this lovely lady.

Barbara Stras

Lindsay is first and foremost a very knowledgeable and personable professional. Her expertise in real estate speaks for itself but it is her commitment to understanding the seller and their expectations that make her rise above. As everyone who has ever experienced buying and/or selling personal property, the process can be at times overwhelming, stressful and frustrating. Lindsay instills trust that she is there to make everything as simple and easy to handle as possible. She has great communication skills and always responded quickly to my phone and/or email questions or concerns. It comes across that you and your property are very important to her and that she is there is there to handle whatever might come up. It was apparent that she is respected by fellow real estate agents and related professionals involved in the selling/buying process. It was a joy to work with Lindsay. I feel grateful that she was recommended to me and would not hesitate to recommend her to others requiring the services of a real estate agent.

Elizabeth Davis

Lindsay was amazing – from my initial call with her, leading up to the listing and throughout the entire process. She always kept the clients’ priorities in mind and worked very hard toward achieving our goals.

Paul Trevino

This was our third time working with Lindsay, and she has remained forever a professional! From start to finish, she and her team worked so seamlessly, it made it almost a breeze! If you want to work with the best of the best, we highly recommend her! We can’t wait for our next purchase, as we know she will settle for nothing for her clients.

Justin & Ali Begnaud

Lindsay undoubtedly exceeded my expectations. With her expansive network, unrivaled market knowledge and attention to detail, there is no question why she tops the list of real estate professionals in Kansas City. Lindsay’s extensive experience and success is revealed by her ability to speak and negotiate with such conviction. I would highly recommend Lindsay’s representation to buy and/or sell, and would be thrilled to work with her again.

Scott & Brooke Miller

Lindsay was wonderful! She quickly figured out what we wanted in a house, and she alerted us when something we would like was coming on the market so we could be one of the first to look. She always responded quickly to our questions. We felt very confident during the whole process that Lindsay would find us just the right house, and she did!

Paul & Kim Hancock

This was our second time selling and buying a home with Lindsay. She has an amazing amount of knowledge about the market, she is professional, reliable and an amazing resource. She works so hard to make sure everything goes smoothly. She’s the best!

Elizabeth & Michael Goslinga

We just moved into our brand new home. This would not have been possible if Lindsay and her team had had not been so professional and fast in selling our old house. From the first time we met Lindsay she went over all of the information and services she offers to help sell our house. All through the process we were kept informed, and if we had questions either Lindsay or one of her team members were back to us quickly. We would definitely recommend Lindsay to any of our family or friends for purchasing or selling a house.

Gary & Michelle Acton

Lindsay was able to provide exceptional professional advice during our purchase of new home and sale of our old home. There is no other realtor would have in my corner!

Garret & Jennifer Walker

Lindsay, Katy and team did a great job. We had a bit of a tough ask with an extended closing timeframe due to our out of state move. They handled the process like pros, we couldn’t be happier with the service. Lindsay was also a great help in referring trusted contractors to help us with a few small projects as we prepped the home for showings, she’s very well connected!.

Jake & Jessica Espenmiller

The Kansas Market is about “Following The Yellow Brick Road” right to Lindsay’s Office. An absolute pleasure dealing with a professional who gets the job Done! Lindsay was there from start to finish overseeing every aspect of the transaction : roofer, plumber, locksmith, landscaping and movers. There was no detail too small and/or insignificant for The Good Witch of The North to cast her magic spell. I highly recommend her as your “Broker for Life”.

James Gomez

First, it should be noted that Lindsay was not the first Real Estate Agent we worked with when we moved to Kansas City 5 years ago. We scheduled a meet and great with Lindsay and we were impressed with knowledge, energy and kindness. We were moving from out of state, had already sold our existing house and did not want to move twice. The purchase of the house was excellent but not knowing anyone in the Kansas City area we need recommendations for multiple service providers which we receive from Lindsay. Fast forward to summer of 2022; we were moving again and knew immediately that Lindsay would be our agent. The sale of the house was again a positive experience. Lindsay answered all of our questions, provided us with a plan, returned calls and text messages immediately and was present for every step of our home selling process. We highly recommend Lindsay.

David Gillson & Deanne St. George

Lindsay is and has always been amazing helping us get in to see houses ASAP! Thank you both Lindsay and Katy!

Matt Leonard

Lindsay is the finest real estate agent my husband and I have ever worked with. She is incredibly responsive, an expert at what she does. Lindsay has the ability to make you feel like you are her only client. No question goes unanswered. Her knowledge of real estate is phenomenal.

Bruce & Suzy Roeder

Lindsay and her team did a great job.

Monica Robischon

Lindsay is awesome. We have used her for both home purchases we’ve made.

Nick & Lauren Bowden

Lindsay is one of a few that never stops working for her customers Would use her every time.

Pauline & Robert Runke

Lindsay Schulze has exceeded our lofty expectations. When you list with Lindsay, you better be ready to move. She is the ultimate professional. We would recommend her to anyone looking for an agent.

Sam McChesney

We were referred to Lindsay. We first met with her during the New Years 2021 holiday and since we were out of the area she gave us time from her holiday schedule to start looking for a home in the KC area. Her knowledge of the area is immense, and she quickly took us from our desires exactly into where we needed to be for finding a home. In mid-January we wrote on a spec home in build. With Lindsay’s experience and knowledge of the area and current market conditions we were able to negotiate with the builder terms that we were very happy with.

She supported us at every turn. Real Estate needs a master negotiator when things get tough. Our build had many pitfalls that developed and Lindsay was there all the time to guide us. To us, she made it seem we were her only clients, even though we knew we were not. She always communicated clearly and quickly to our texts and emails. We never felt alone, and she always guided us to a successful outcome.

She has been a fantastic resource due to her extensive networking. Guiding us to a vet for the dog, legal representation for some estate items and many more. Even today well after closing, we can still text her a question and we get a timely response. She makes you feel like FAMILY!

We are clients for as long as she works in the real estate business; and she already has any future business from us when it comes time to list the house.

We highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy a home, build a house, etc., in the whole KC area. THANK YOU, Lindsay!

Dave & Debra McGuire

This is the second time we have had the pleasure of working with Lindsay and her team. Two years ago she helped us close on some acreage for us to build our future forever home. This spring we listed our home of the past 8 years for sale and two days later we were signing the contract. At the time, Lindsey was actually in Mexico on a work trip she had been awarded but you would never have known. She stayed in touch with us the entire time…letting us know about scheduled showings, keeping us up to date on all of our offers and ultimately helping us choose which buyer had put together the best overall offer. Lindsey is charismatic, organized, punctual, knowledgeable, dedicated and giving. She’s the best for a reason!

Cody & Chelsie Beall

She’s the best!

Steve & Kathy McLeroy

Lindsay was great from start to finish. She and her excellent team handled everything and were always available to answer questions. Best of all, we ended up getting lots of showings over three days and multiple offers! Lindsay knows the market and knows the moves to make for a quick sale at the highest price. We could not be more pleased.

Julie Boyer & Kevin Webb

Lindsay is the best in KC! Wealth of knowledge in the market and was awesome to work with! Great job.

Max & Rebecca Jacobson

Lindsay is very knowledgeable, organized and productive in her representation of clients. She pays attention to details and is always focused on the goal to complete closing. Lindsay also has an excellent team of support, beginning with associates at Reece Nichols and including outside contractors such as stagers, interior designers, engineers, general contractors, and more. There are many reasons why Lindsay sells so many houses.

Thomas Mendell & Susan LaJoe

Lindsay is simply the best! If you are looking for a professional, experienced, knowledgeable, communicative, honest, hard working Real Estate Agent, with both a great personality and negotiating skills, call Lindsay Schulze. My wife and I were ready to downsize from our home of 22 years in the Pavillion Estates, to a smaller home. Kathy Koehler recommended Lindsay to us for both the sale and purchase. From the beginning Lindsay put us at ease. She shares an optimism backed with vast experience. Throughout the process she remained upbeat, spent quality time with us, explained the market in great detail as the process unfolded, helping us in every way we needed to make OUR goals come to fruition. She is not pushy, but she makes things happen. She was singleminded in getting us the right price for our old home, and in the purchase of our new home, which by the way we love. We knew Lindsay has consistantly been one of the very top Real Estate Agents in the KC area, year after year, but she made us feel like we were her only customers. No matter what issues arose, she tirelessly worked us through them with success. Choose her as your Real Estate Agent, and you will soon find out why she is so successful.

Albert & Shahrzad Herdoiza

We have been looking for a house for the last few years to downsize to. Ranch homes are hard to come by these days and we needed a ranch due to age and other physical issues. We found a new ranch being built which didn’t even have drywall up yet. We were able to make some upgrade choices and Lindsey was there to help us get through the process. Lindsey was our go-between with the builder and us. She made sure that we, as the buyers, got what we envisioned during the rest of the build. Her negotiation tactics do get results. We have been working with Lindsey on and off with other homes we have sold since 2006. Our last home sale took only 3 days to find a buyer and were able to move without problems. Thank you Lindsey for all of your hard work helping us get through some difficult times through the years!!

Steve & Cathy Banks

Wonderful from start to finish! We have used Lindsay to both purchase and sell homes and wouldn’t use anyone else! Will continue to use her for our future real-estate needs.

Ana Marie Liolios

Prior to connecting with Lindsay, I was reluctant to put our house on the market. I thought it would be an ordeal to get it ready, and then I thought it would take quite a while to sell. After meeting Lindsay the first time, my mindset changed. She made the process easy, walking us through anything we had questions on, ensuring our house was well positioned, and identifying the right buyers. I was amazed at the description she was able to write up after one walk-through with my husband and me. My only regret is that we moved out of the area and won’t be able to use Lindsay again!

Steve & JoAnne Burns

Lindsay is absolutely the best! She has helped me buy, sell, and buy again in KC. I wouldn’t want to work with anyone else. She always goes the extra mile to help, from looking at homes, to getting mine ready for sale, to tracking down details on the new build. She always has a smile and treats me like I’m her only client. Hands down, the best customer service around! Her knowledge of the market and her ability to gauge my needs have been amazing. You can’t go wrong when choosing Lindsay to help you with your real estate needs!

Kim Megow

Lindsay is a rockstar! She was so great to work with and was so helpful in getting our house sold fast. She is a go getter and does not slack on anything. She is the best!

Clare Blasi

Lindsay was so incredibly easy to work with! I was a first time home seller and it was a breeze! She and her team were on top of everything and great at communication. I had no hiccups during this process thanks to them!

Kylie Van Dyne

Lindsay is very knowledgeable, organized and productive in her representation of clients. She pays attention to details and is always focused on the goal to complete closing. Lindsay also has an excellent team of support, beginning with associates at Reece Nichols and including outside contractors such as stagers, interior designers, engineers, general contractors, and more. There are many reasons why Lindsay sells so many houses.

Tom Mendell & Susan LaJoe

Lindsay was great! She cam highly recommended from friends, and I will be sure to recommend her to anyone looking for a home in the Kansas City area. She was incredibly responsive and helped me buy a great home.

Tony Serfling

Lindsay is the best, hardest working, totally involved realtor we’ve ever had. Bought and sold ten homes in different parts of the country. Never had a more responsive or helpful realtor. And she’s a nice person too!

Virginia & Robert Lefler

Lindsay has been very valuable in helping with the various phases of getting to where we are with the purchase of the land and working with the builder, etc., thus far. Lindsay has been a great communicator and advocate on our behalf. She has been very generous with her time and knowledge about the whole process and we look forward to her continued involvement and expertise as the building process begins.

Atul & Sonal Patel

Lindsay did a good job managing all the concerns.

Ricky & Cindy Pfeiffer

Lindsay did a great job selling our house in 3 days!! We’ve known Lindsay for about 16 years when she sold another house of ours which 2 other realtors from other companies did not get the job done. She is a great negotiator. Go with Lindsay and her team if you want a successful sale or are buying. Her skills are like none other! Thanks Lindsay for all you did for us.

Cathy Banks

Lindsay and her team are the absolute best! She is professional, dedicated, and a stellar agent. I could not have asked for more and would give 100 stars if it ranked that high! Truly successful!

Phillip & Amy Peters

Lindsay is the absolute best. We would highly recommend her to family and friends looking to buy or sell. She will certainly always be our first choice!

Lindsay Goff

Lindsay did a great job, and she will be my first call the next time I buy or sell a house.

Justin Poplin

Since my home was in Pleasant Hill, I was initially reluctant to use an agent whose office was in Leawood. That was never a problem as Lindsay had a depth of knowledge of the entire greater Kansas City area. She was always responsive to any question; even those texts on the weekend and after hours during the week. Her staff was top notch and extremely professional and equally responsive. But the proof of the pudding, if you will, was the result. We had three offers on our home above the asking price within 6 to 8 hours of going on the market. Lindsey helped us select the best buyer and present a counteroffer. The closing was phenomenally easy. Good job, Lindsay.

John Peak

Lindsay is the best realtor in the metro area. She always does her best, which is excellent.

Carol Schulze

Lindsay did a stellar job as usual on our latest purchase. She is the quintessential professional and we wouldn’t think of entering into a home sale or purchase without her by our side. Lindsay has the solution to any issue that arises. We call her our “Angie’s List” for any & everything related to buying/selling a house. I have & will continue to refer her to anyone I know that wants a to be represented by a consummate professional real estate agent.

Marty & Brenda Clifford

Lindsay was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and responsive as our listing agent. Her professionalism, expertise and excellent interpersonal skills work synergistically to make her a wonderful representative for anyone attempting to purchase or sell a home.

Jerry & Bobbi Darnaby

Lindsay has helped our family over the past 10 years. She is professional, to the point, and exceptionally good at her job. I encourage anyone who is interested in buying or selling a home to talk with Lindsay.

Nick Blasi

My name is Lisa Sinow. My husband, Rob, and I decided to put our house on the market at the beginning of May 2020. Naturally, we called Lindsay Schulze. She was our real estate agent for the sale of our previous home as well as the purchase of the home we were selling. Since this was a spur of the moment idea, we needed quite a bit of guidance to prepare our house for listing. She is very knowledgeable in the market and knows how to stage a house to maximize listing price. In addition, her suggestions led to a contract on our house within the first two days on the market.  Her professionalism and knowledge are unmatched in this industry. She is always available to answer any questions and provide her expertise. She is also exceptional when it comes to finding a house to purchase. She knows exactly what to ask and the issues that need to be addressed. She will also work extremely hard to get the best price as a buyer. We have been very happy with the outcomes of the sale of our previous homes, as well as the purchase of our homes and would highly recommend Lindsay as an agent.

Lisa Sinow

f you are buying or selling a home in the Kansas City area contact Lindsay. I recently sold and bought a home with Lindsay’s help, and the process could not have been better or easier. Lindsay and her team care about their clients and were there to help every step of the way. I could not be happier with her process and service. Thank you Lindsay and team!

Ben Abendroth

Lindsay is an amazing agent and we have been customers for 12 years. She sold my wife her house in 2008 and sold my rental property in 2015, both of which were great experiences. Most recently, she sold our home in Westwood, KS in 2018. In this case, we unexpectedly found the perfect home for our expanding family and had to jump at the chance to purchase it. In doing so, we had to quickly prepare our existing home for sale, put it on the market, and sell it within a very limited timeframe. Lindsay understood our situation and helped us get our house on the market within a week. Once on the market, we received 8 offers in the span of 3 days, eventually selling the house for a price significantly over our expectation. Lindsay is an excellent agent who values her clients, looks out for their best interests, and delivers results. We will definitely be working with her for all future needs.

Erik Crane

Lindsay is by far the most consummate real estate professional! She possesses tremendous zeal, care for clients, market knowledge and has a genuine passion to ensure her clients have an excellent experience. Lindsay has represented us on buy and sales transactions and we have appreciated her diligent efforts. We have referred her to our family and friends and they have also enjoyed the same experiences working with Lindsay.

Omid Amjadi

Lindsay is the best! She is a consummate professional. She helped us find the perfect house, helped us through the entire process, and even found us contractors to get our existing house ready for sale. She walked us through every step of the sale and purchase and did all of the heavy lifting. She made it all very easy and relatively stress free. I could not give a higher recommendation if you are looking for someone to help you through the home buying or selling process.

Kyle Habben

Having been a neighbor and friend of Lindsay’s, we always knew we would use her help if we ever needed to sell our home. When that day came, she was so thorough in reviewing our home. She made suggestions so that we could maximize our selling price but remain competitive in the Prairie Village housing market. She is very up front and honest with you, as well as being very patient and helpful with sellers who have lots of questions and concerns, like me. She is a wonderful advocate when negotiations take place. She always has her client’s best interests at heart. We highly recommend using Lindsay Schulze when selling your home. We consider her the absolute best in the city!!

Shellie Vadnais

What a fantastic job!  I have moved from Maine to Houston and several points in between during my career so I’m pretty familiar with the process of selling and buying a home.  This was by far the best experience ever and completely exceeded my expectations in every possible way.

Morna Duvall

We have purchased and sold several homes in the past and this was the first time we were “really impressed” by our Realtor.  Lindsay Schulze exceeded our expectations at every corner and simply delivered!  She’s by far the best realtor we have ever worked with and we will definitely use her and refer business to her in the future.  Thanks!

Omid and Patricia Amjadi

Our agent, Lindsay Schulze, was simply the best.  She was there to answer the many questions we had and to help make the buying/selling experience less stressful.  We couldn’t recommend her enough.

Michael & Eloise Lynch

Lindsay and her team were amazing! From day one we knew we picked the right realtor, she instantly put all of my concerns at ease and took care of all the details. Her expertise on the current market helped with pricing our house to sell at the price – her insights on the few adjustments we needed to make to the décor were spot on – and her knowledge and experience on negotiating when we received our offers were amazing. But her fabulous work did not stop when she sold our house – she quickly went to work and found us the perfect house in the exact location we were hoping for. Again her insights, advice and expertise was beyond what we could have hoped for – she is simply amazing! I would highly recommend Lindsay to anyone buying or selling – she takes fantastic care of all her people! Thank you Lindsay!!

Stephen & Joan

Lindsay made me feel so comfortable and safe with her knowledge and professionalism. She took care of every detail and was on my side throughout the process. I could not recommend her enough! The best of the best!

Jen Peters Anstoetter

Lindsay was amazing! She listened to all of our questions and went above and beyond with her professionalism and attention to details. She made a stressful process as easy as could be! She is respected in the industry and have great connections that you benefit from because others respect her and how she does business! We will use her again in the future and anyone looking for a home or wanting to sell should 100% have Lindsay help them!! 10/10!!

Mike and Jessica Becker

Lindsay’s knowledge of the market is incredible. She took the time to understand our needs and timeline and sold our home for over asking price in a week!

Anne Mitchell

We would give Lindsay 6 stars but this scale only goes to 5. Lindsay is fantastic. At the beginning she sat down with us and walked us through her process of selling our current home and then finding our new one. She knew the answers to questions we hadn’t even thought of yet and was patient as we worked our way through everything. She knows everyone! Any item that came up that required assistance, she and her staff took ownership and made sure that we were taken care of faster than we could have done it on our own. She always made us feel like we were her only clients, and never complained when we would send her numerous duplicate text messages. I hope we never have to move again, but if we do Lindsay will be our first call.

Chris Wright & Michelle Watson

We’ve worked with Lindsay more than once and each transaction went very smoothly. Extremely organized, hard working and Lindsay just keeps on top of everything much better than other agents we’ve worked with. The last home she sold for us was only on the market for 22 days before we had an executed contract. Closing went like clockwork. Highly recommended and you will not be disappointed with her service.

Scott Hinz

From start to finish, Lindsay managed the selection of our house to final closing with a personal approach and attention to detail.

John Brsan

I can’t tell you how much of a pleasure it was to work with Lindsay. She sold our property in a week and we were closed within a couple more. I would use her again and again if I had additional properties to sell. We highly recommend her!

Sam Voss

We have used Lindsay multiple times to buy and sell our homes. She is extremely knowledgeable about every step of the process and makes sure she and her team guide you along the way. From day one to post closing, she has always gone above and beyond to make sure all our needs have been met. She will always be our number one choice in realtors!

Ali Begnaud

We absolutely loved working with Lindsay!! Not only for our first home, but also our second home! Lindsay is the person you want in your corner when it comes to making offers, she knows the market and knows when to push and where to back down. ALSO, She has all the connections you will ever need! Big plus when you need to have work done! Thank you Lindsay!!

Leanna Evans

Lindsay has helped us purchase (2) two homes in the Overland Park area and sell one. Her knowledge of the market and approach helped us in both finding and selling our homes. Even after the sale Lindsay helped with finding contractors to help us get our new homes the way we wanted them. Even a year later she is helping us with a builder resolve and unresolved issue. Her attention to detail and personal approach is the best I have seen in the industry and we have bought and sold many homes. In the KC area, I would not use anyone else for your real estate needs.

Doug and Kristin Sublett

Lindsay is such an incredible agent. Honestly, I have never met another agent quite like her! She is such a go-getter, and she knows everything there is to know about real-estate in our city. She makes every client feel like they are her most important client. She is friendly, kind and professional at all times. She is detail oriented, and never leaves a stone unturned. She has a fantastic team that makes every step of buying or selling your home much simpler than you can even imagine. If she is your agent, you get why everyone says she is the best in KC!

Tammy Sciara

Lindsay was wonderful to work with and I highly recommend her to anyone!

Jessica and John McDonald

We were very skeptical about listing our house during the Pandemic, but Lindsay discussed the market with us and she sold our house very quickly and for the price that we were asking. Lindsay has been our agent for at least 15 years and has never let us down. She is the epitome of a professional business executive! Lindsay is our agent/friend for life.

Marty & Brenda Clifford

Lindsay has been perfect on multiple transactions for us. She gets to know her clients on the buy and sell side and anticipates and answers questions we have before we even call them to her attention. On our most recent transaction from November 2018, there were multiple offers on the home and Lindsay negotiated on our behalf and the seller ultimately sold us the home without an all-out bidding war – which was fairly common in November 2018. I have previously and will continue to recommend her to anyone. In real estate 20% of the agents do 80% of the transactions. Lindsay is in the top 1% of the 20% that do all of the transactions. It would be foolish to use a realtor with less experience when Lindsay is available. She has done and seen everything in residential real estate.

Ben Cohen

My wife and I only had a weekend to fly to KC and buy a house – we knew nothing about the area, nothing about the local market, and were very stressed trying to move an entire family from Houston to KC in about a month. Lindsay did an excellent job understanding what we were looking for – especially what was non-negotiable to us (room for a pool) and what we could live without. What I most appreciated in Lindsay was her speed and candidness. She didn’t try to sell us on every house we looked at, and she even talked us out of looking at some houses since she knew it wouldn’t meet our needs. It was great to have Lindsay on our side with a daunting relocation on our plates. 

Joseph Sevick

I used Lindsay Schulze from Reece Nichols and she handled everything again so beautifully. I have used her to buy and sell several houses and I would not choose anyone else! She is very efficient and therefore puts my mind at ease. I can count on Lindsay to see every detail of the transaction to go smoothly and like clockwork, its always perfect! Thank you so very much Lindsay Schulze!

Lesa Johnson

Lindsay did a fabulous job for us. She exceeded my own expectations. Thank you Lindsay!!!

Vicki and Samuel McChesney

We don’t live in the area anymore, but knew we would use Lindsay to sell our house because we know she is the best. And she delivered on her excellent reputation like we knew she would. She has her own team of contractors ready to make the minor repairs/fixes prior to listing – which was the biggest help to us. We totally trusted her experience and expertise of the area with listing at her recommended price. She told us she would show for three days and get us multiple offers over listing price and THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED (during a pandemic no less). We accepted the highest offer and closed with no issues. It was an extremely easy process and Lindsay and her team were exceptionally responsive, thorough and professional in all aspects of the process. THANK YOU LINDSAY! People this is your gal for real estate in KC.

Jennie Neville

We switched from another agent to Lindsay with the recent sale of our home. We have sold three homes in years past with other agents. Lindsay is simply the best. She is personable, genuine, encouraging and prompt with communication. Her record speaks for itself and so she can literally give you metrics as to how your house will sell. We cannot recommend her more highly.

Bruce and Suzy Roeder

Lindsay was extremely organized and knew the market of our subdivision well. She offered ways to increase the value we would receive from our home without spending too much. Her contractors were immediately available and performed extremely well. Our home sold on the 3rd day for full value and Lindsay led us through the closing process so our anxiety was alleviated. We would recommend Lindsay to anyone thinking of moving or buying a home.

Jean and Claude Aldridge

Lindsay did a wonderful job continuously communicating with us about buying and selling our homes. She was always on top of things and made us feel comfortable with the buying and selling process in this crazy market. I’d highly recommend Lindsay!

Tanner Smith and Amanda Owenby

In January, 2018, I was not looking forward to the task at hand: selling two houses.  One was my house that I had lived in for almost 10 years and the other one was my mother-in-law’s house that she had lived in for over 50 years.  She had moved to an assisted living house 2 ½ years ago and then finally moved to a nursing home because of failing health. I had not had good experiences with realtors in the past, so I was uncomfortable with the entire house selling process.  My fiance suggested that I talk to the agent that sold her daughter’s house several years ago.  It was a great experience and the daughter and her real estate agent were still friends.  So I agreed to meet this realtor, Lindsay Schulze.  Our first visit with you convinced me to sign with you to sell my houses. You helped us develop a strategy for selling my mother-in-law’s house.  We would clean it out, leave it as-is and put it on the market.  We would then leave it open for visits for 3 days and take offers for that three day period.  We also talked about pricing, and you shared the existing market situation and expressed confidence that we could raise the asking price and watch what happens. On my house we talked about my expectations and the current market comps.  You helped determine how to stage the house and what to fix and what not to worry about.  We talked a lot over the next few weeks as we prepared the house.  We finished it up the day before it went on market with an asking price that was higher than what others had told us would happen. Both houses went on the market the same day, crumby weather and all.  My mother-in-law’s house got 60 visits in three days, and at the end of the third day we had 16 offers.  We ended up selling the house for almost 25% over the asking price.  We accepted the high offer and actually closed 7 days later. The second house was also on the market for 3 days and we received 2 offers.  One was near our price, and with your help we countered to get the price within $2,500 of our asking price.  This price was contingent on inspections.  There was a hiccup in the inspections, but you kept us calm and advised us to be patient.  The buyer came back and made a very fair counter offer, and we accepted it.  The house closed in less than 30 days.  I was extremely happy with the results. Closing went smoothly on both houses, you were there for every step.  Your confidence and knowledge of the market and the process were very much appreciated.  Both houses were modest in size and value compared to many of the houses you represent, but I never felt neglected, marginalized or stupid when asking questions of you.  You were warm and personal, yet very professional in everything you did. We came out of all of this with two sold houses and a positive realtor experience that we will share with anyone who will listen to us.  Plus, we know a person we can trust for any future real estate adventures.” 

Steve Turley and Linda Campbell

Lindsay Schulze is definitely the best agent anyone could imagine. Always had our best interests in mind and told us what we needed to hear, even when it was not what we wanted to hear. Could not recommend her highly enough.
John and Andrea Hoover

I would 100% use Lindsay Schulze for any purchase or sale of a future home for my family. I would absolutely recommend her to any family and friends looking to purchase or sell a home. The process was seamless and she was able to find us an amazing home before it even hit the market and sell our home above asking price.
Chris and Jessica Roth

We have nothing but positive things to say about our experience with you as our realtor. You were spot on your recommendations for minor improvements to help us get our house sold quickly… and they worked! We got an offer before our house was technically on the market and above asking price and a backup offer. Well done! Even more impressive than your work on the sell side was your help on the buy side. Had you not gone out of your way to approach the listing agent as he was placing the “coming soon” sign in the yard I doubt we would have even gotten our house. Your willingness to help us line up contractors for renovation was wonderful. We loved working with you. We have already referred friends to you and will continue to do so! Many Thanks
Kelly and Britt Bieri

Lindsay Made our transition to a new city as easy as it could be! She was a pleasure to work with answering all my questions about neighborhoods, schools and local places to find things!
Dr. Ryan and Dr. Amy Mullins

It is with great pleasure and sincere appreciation that I share my experience with Lindsay Sierens Schulze with those who are in need of the service of a reputable and hardworking realtor. Selling in today’s market is very uncertain and pretty scary.  The details involved in my needs as a seller had me very skeptical and reluctant to proceed with the process. Lindsay was referred to me by a business person. From the first time I met her she was the picture of professionalism, confidence and understanding. After talking with her my feelings of uncertainty were eased and I knew I was in good hands. She was very quick to assess the details involved in my situation.  She promptly determined in her own mind how to approach the situation and proceed to develop a plan. She assured me she had contacts and would work with those who could be of assistance in reaching our goal and finding a satisfied buyer for my property. Each time we met she had the appropriate paperwork created and ready to complete in the timeliest manner. She made it clear that she was available at any time to talk with me and answer any questions I might have.  She kept me informed of everything without delay. She also went above and beyond in helping me with finding a buyer for some personal things that were involved with the house I was selling.  I realize the circumstances are always unique and don’t always result in the desired outcome in every situation, but our relationship as Realtor and seller was a true success story. I would never have believed the fairy-tale ending to the story if I hadn’t experienced it myself. I truly believe that Lindsay’s positive attitude, determination and genuine concern for her clients give her opportunities for success.  She will work for YOU! Lindsay, I am very happy to have this opportunity to say thanks for everything. You are the BEST!
Jean Parrish

We would highly recommend using Lindsay Sierens-Schulze when selling your home. Three words that come to mind to describe Lindsay are: professional, aggressive and organized. We were impressed with her the first time we met with her and she did not let us down.  With Lindsay’s advice and efforts, we were able to sell our house in less than two weeks… at a time when it is definitely a “buyer’s market.”   Lindsay has a very professional manner about her, and we always felt confident with her “in our corner”.  She responded to any requests we had in a very timely manner, day or night, and always kept us informed.  It was apparent that she wanted the best for us in all negotiations, and went the extra mile many times.  Whether it was meeting a professional at our house, on short notice, to get an estimate while we were out of town, or simply dropping off marketing flyers, we knew we could count on her.   It is apparent that she loves what she does and truly cares about the clients she is representing. Thank you.
Pam and Scott Barnes

I just wanted to express my appreciation for all that Lindsay did for me as I sold my house and bought a new one.  I am a young single female and she ensured that I was never taken advantage of.  She was extremely professional from the very beginning and was very driven to sell my house and help me buy a new one.  I always felt comfortable with her and trusted her judgment. My father is very cynical when it comes to realtors.  He always feels like they are out for the quick sell.  He was very impressed and began to trust Lindsay almost immediately.  He was impressed with the time she gave our family when my parents came in town.  After we looked at a few house that we were interested in she went back and told us the comparable houses in the area did not support the prices that were being asked.  We were willing to pay the price because we did not know any better, but she urged us to continue to look at other things.  She showed us houses throughout our price range instead of always pushing us to the top or beyond. She never rushed us into anything in order to receive a higher commission either.  She was always supportive of the offers we were giving, even though they seemed a little ridiculous to me, and she pushed with the buyer/seller to get the deal through.  When it came to selling my house Lindsay was very persistent and followed up with everyone who went through the house.  She never gave up hope and kept working on it until it was sold. In the end I was very happy that I worked with Lindsay through this hard process.  She made it very easy.
Kari Fitzer

It was such a pleasure working with you that we wanted to take the time to write you a personal “Thank you” for all your guidance and hard work you put into helping us find our home. Throughout the months of searching it took to find the right home, you were there every step of the way guiding us and providing valuable information into the home buying process.  That expertise was invaluable to us during our first time home buying experience. From the start you helped instill in us a confidence and trust by listening to our comments on the homes that were shown to us; adapting your search in line with our criticisms and guiding us to homes that were within our budget. When we found the right house you quickly got us an appointment with the sales associate and got us first choice on the house we truly wanted. You were there at the first meeting to make sure we understood all the paperwork that went into the home buying process. It was a tremendous relief to know that we could count on your professionalism and personal advice to help us acquire our home and to negotiate a truly remarkable deal. The overwhelming experience of signing the papers- to realize that we were actually buying a house- would have been unimaginable without you there with that positive attitude helping us realize our dream.  This was especially appreciated throughout the bumpy ride we had dealing with the mortgage counselors.  You stepped in and made sure that we were given the market going rate that any other lender would provide. You were a great comfort and support during the whole process. What can we say about the truly amazing dedication and hard work that you put into the home buying process, neither of us feel that we could have done it without you. We look forward to working with you in the future and will tell all of our friends and family about the wonderful experience and pass your name along for those that are interested in buying a home.
Gary Southern and Lance Toburen

When I moved to Kansas City from Iowa, I wasn’t familiar with any part of town.  I was rushed to find a place in a short period of time that included a hectic travel schedule for work.  Lindsay showed me around the entire metro area, enabling me to not only find the part of KC I felt suited me well, but find a neighborhood that I could consider home.  Additionally her patience and her willingness to bend over backwards allowed for me to look at an array of different style of places including houses, lofts, condos, and townhouses.  She made the buying process easy as she coordinated with my relocation, title and mortgage companies to best suit my needs.  Lindsay is the entire reason why my relocation from Iowa to KC was so painless and would recommend her to anyone who desires a smooth transition in the moving process.
Mark Blythe

Lindsay was honest and upfront with us from day one through closing. We felt she was always on our side. She returned calls and emails promptly and was a joy to work with during a stressful time. Lindsay was very professional and was one (if not the only) real estate agent we felt that we could “trust.” – A true compliment to Lindsay!

P.S. The reason we called Lindsay was due to our exposure to her last Summer/Fall 2006 when looking at re-sales. More importantly, she was the only agent that contacted us when I mailed a memo and a for sale by owner listing when we tried selling our home by ourselves earlier this year. Lindsay stayed “in touch.”On a scale of 1 to 10 Lindsay was an 11!!!!

Bill and Joanne Klasinski

Brenda and I want to let you know how wonderful working with you has been. The process was a pleasure with you directing the way. We have purchased eight homes in the past 24 years and this transaction was the most enjoyable due to your professionalism and attention to detail. The previous transactions were with eight different agents because no agent warranted a repeat contract. You will handle my home purchases in the future if you are not on to bigger and better things by then. Thank you so much for being professional and not pushy. I wish you much success in your career and life.
Brenda and Marty Clifford

Lindsay continues to impress us! She is beyond professional, organized and competent. We absolutely will not hesitate to refer her to all our friends and use her again in the future if a need arises.
Scott and Pam Barnes

We would highly recommend Lindsay Sierens-Schulze to anyone who is in need of selling a home.  Lindsay sold our house in 17 days, and therefore was able to do for us in 17 days what a previous realtor was unable to do in 5 months.  Throughout the process, Lindsay was attentive to our needs.  We felt that she worked with honesty and integrity.  She listened to us and advised us on the best approach to selling our home.  She also followed up with the other agents after every showing our home had.  We believe that Lindsay is a thorough professional, and we have been recommending her to all our friends.
David and Susan Miles

It was truly a pleasure working with you on the purchase of my very first home! You made such a wonderful and fun experience and I truly appreciate your patience, guidance and support throughout the entire process.  You are by far superior when it comes to the excellent customer service with your clients. You were always a phone call or email away from answering all my many questions even after closing of the house. You truly made my transition from apartment to first home buyer easy and enjoyable. Your guidance along the way and expertise in home renovations was definitely a huge bonus!! As I had mentioned, I had looked every year for the past three years with another realtor and each time I would get frustrated because I couldn’t find the “perfect” home and the realtor didn’t seem to know exactly what I was looking for or the areas that would be best suited for me and my lifestyle. I must commend you on exceeding my expectations and pointing me in the right direction and finding me that “perfect” home! I would most definitely use you again in the future as well as refer you to friends and family. You made the entire process stress free and enjoyable. Thank you again for your patience, expertise and making this process easy and fun!!!
Lindsay Meyer

I wanted to take this opportunity to express my thanks and appreciation for all your hard work and effort in the purchase of my new home. As you know, you were referred by a very good friend of mine. They told me you would work hard and make sure that I got exactly what I wanted out of a transaction. They spoke highly of you and had a very positive experience. I absolutely can say the same. Our house is perfect for us, and I am very pleased with my entire experience with you. You are an asset to your field and clients.  Your attention to what I was looking for in a house us greatly appreciated. You were able to take what I was looking for and specifically find houses that met my criteria without having to spend valuable time looking at a marathon of houses.  I was also aware that your time was just as valuable as mine. However you gave me your complete attention and made me feel as if I was your only client. Thank you for keeping my interests a priority and making sure the entire process and transaction went smoothly.  Should any of my friends or family need an agent, I won’t hesitate to refer them to you. I have complete confidence that you will give them the same attention and work ethic you gave my family. Thank you for making this process as smooth and easy as possible!
Alicia Misse

Lindsay is the best. What a treasure. We would definitely use her again and highly recommend her.
Robert and Cindy Berry

We were impressed with Lindsay Sierens-Schulze’s knowledge of the real estate business and with how hard she worked to sell our house!
David and Susan Miles

Lindsay was VERY helpful! She went way above and beyond what she needed to do to help us. She was quick and knowledgeable! Thanks
John Wallace

Simply said: If you want your house sold or are looking for the perfect house, look no further than Lindsay Sierens Schulze. Between the resources, connections and work ethic Lindsay possesses, you will start to see results immediately.  In a down market, Lindsay was able to sell our house (at asking price) in less than a week! Lindsay is very dedicated and passionate about what she does and it is evident through the time and energy she spends with each client. Lindsay’s open communication between us kept us up to date and informed… she put to rest any questions or concerns we had NO MATTER THE TIME! To have an agent that dedicated to you and your needs made the whole process a breeze. Whenever I hear a colleague or friend looking to buy or sell, I can confidently give them Lindsay’s name knowing they will be just as pleased as we were. Lindsay’s diligent work ethic and ability to get results is why we chose Lindsay as our agent and will confidently continue to partner with Lindsay for as long as she is in business. Thank you!
Steve and Charlena Peppes

When I first met Lindsay in buying a house, I could tell that houses were her expertise. She was so incredibly knowledgeable in her line of work. She is very detail oriented. My boss and I have bought 6 houses from Lindsay. Even if there are other signs out in front from other Realtors, I Call Lindsay to make the transaction happen. I would NOT buy a house without Lindsay Schulze. Lindsay is very efficient in her job. She took care of all the details that needed to be done for my houses and I didn’t have to worry about a thing. With each house everything went very very very smoothly. All of Lindsay’s points of contacts have been great as well. They are people who are great to work with and people who get the job done.  Lindsay is very loyal and very committed to me as a client in making sure that I am happy and that buying a house is a great experience. I feel that Lindsay not only loves her job, but it shows in her kindness, her gentleness and her great attitude. She goes above and beyond to make sure I, as the client is completely satisfied.
Lesa Johnson

Buying a home is exciting. Buying and selling a home can be a little terrifying, especially in a tough market. From the very first meeting, Lindsay put our minds at ease. She took the time to answer all of our questions and came prepared with a full array of comps to help us determine the right price for our home. We’re happy to say it sold within a matter of days at full asking price! Lindsay’s approach to buying a home is just as straight forward. She helped us zero in on properties that met our needs and find a property in which we could quickly build value. We especially appreciated her honesty and professionalism as she guided us through the negotiations and inspection process. Lindsay definitely loves what she does and does it better than anyone we’ve encountered in the real estate market. We would highly recommend her to anyone who’s looking for an honest, professional and determined agent.
Corrina and Greg Plassmeyer

Lindsay is simply the best choice you can make for a real estate agent in KC.  She is honest, in tune with the market and always follows through. You will not be disappointed.
Joel and Danielle Suarez

When we told a friend of ours that we were going to start the process of looking for a home to purchase, she immediately said, “I have an agent for you”. She recommended Lindsay and we could not have been happier. Lindsay was the voice of knowledge and reason in an industry that can have a lot of hype. She guided us through the entire process so professionally, and really was our advocate. She’s incredibly knowledgeable about her field and has a whole host of resources from loan officers to insurance agents to contractors that were helpful to us. We plan to use Lindsay again should we ever sell our home.
Jessica and Andrew Koebbe

From start to finish she worked hard to get the best possible price for our home while making the process as easy as possible for us. She knew just what needed to be done to get our house on the market as soon as possible to take advantage of the current market. This resulted in several offers the day our home hit the market. She then continued to support us and handle difficult buyers that seemed to create problems every chance they had. All the way through closing she made sure those problems didn’t affect us or the sale. Her dedication and expertise goes far beyond all of the other agents I have encountered.
Kyle and Teresa Godard

Thank you so much for your help in finding my new home! I love it and as a first-time homeowner, your help throughout the process was invaluable. Your recommendations always steered me in the right direction and I knew you were on my side from the very beginning.  The time you spent helping me narrow down my options so I ended up in the perfect home for me was the best part of working with you. There were a lot of homes for sale and I would have been lost without you! I would gladly recommend your services as a real estate agent to all my family and friends and know that they were receiving the same impeccable service I received. Thank you again for everything!
Maggie Newcomer

Lindsay is such a joy to work with.  She is knowledgeable and communicates extremely well. She helped make the process of selling our home smooth one and we definitely will use her again in the future.
Taylor and Lauren Busch

We just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did throughout the entire process of helping us find our first home! From start to finish, we have appreciated the help and assistance you have provided us in addition to keeping our best interest in mind while working through a different situation with the seller. Your communication and updates to us were always timely, and we are thankful for the key role you played in helping us begin this exciting new chapter in our lives. We wish you continued success in your career and we have enjoyed getting to know you over the last several months!
Ryan and Amanda Owenby

Lindsay was fantastic! We put our complete trust in her knowledge of the market and basically did everything she told us to do. It could not have worked out better.
Kyle and Lindsay Habben

I asked my Aunt, who is a Realtor in Tampa, FL, to do some research and find a good realtor in Prairie Village for me. She picked Lindsay and I now owe both of them a big “thank you!” Lindsay was fantastic. Very professional, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and an excellent negotiator. She knows her business and gives her clients 100%. Without question, I would recommend Lindsay to any of my family and friends that need a Realtor.
Gerry Cullen

This is the second time we have used Lindsay. We live 6 hours away so we had to depend on her in a variety of out of the norm situations to sell our condo and she delivered flawlessly! THANK YOU Lindsay!
John and Trika Wallace

Lindsay is the best! She has represented us in several transactions and we would never use another agent as long as Lindsay is in the business.
Marty and Brenda Clifford

Being first time home buyers, we wanted to work with a realtor that was very knowledgeable and had experience in the area. Lindsay not only met that criteria, she exceeded our expectations. We were told that the home buying process is very stressful, but working with Lindsay dispelled that myth. From the initial search, to putting in an offer, to negotiating terms post inspection, Lindsay was on top of the game every step of the way. Lindsay will be the only realtor we will even recommend, and the only realtor that we will use.
Derek Broksieck and Catherine Klotz

I am an elderly woman who recently lost my husband. I knew I couldn’t take care of my home anymore.  Lindsay was recommended to me and from our first meeting I knew and felt confident in her ability and knowledge. She was a pleasure to work with, explaining every detail to me. Always eager to help with any of my concerns. Lindsay kept my son Greg up to date on every step of the process. My home sold very quickly. I will gladly recommend her to my friends and family. Thank you Lindsay!
Joann and Greg Schnittker

Lindsay is hands down the best real estate agent I have ever worked with. She listed and sold our home in 12 hours for well over asking price. Lindsay worked tirelessly to meet the demands my wife and I had, and was always responsive via email, phone call or a text late at night. Not only is she passionate about her work, but she made it appear that we were the only couple that she was working with. We appreciated the personal attention we received and would use Lindsay again at the drop of a hat! Thanks again Lindsay, we owe you big time!
David and Kellie Stauffer

Lindsay was our realtor when we were searching for a home in the Kansas City area. We found Lindsay to be very thorough in quickly understanding our needs and wants and did not waste our time looking at homes that would not serve our needs. Lindsay has an exceptional knowledge of the Kansas City real estate market, especially in the communities south of the city on the Kansas side. Lindsay was able to help narrow our search by steering us away from houses that appeared to answer our wants and needs but had drawbacks that would be a detriment that we would not have known without her. Lindsay greatly helped us to expedite getting the home inspection done with a very qualified inspector and negotiating with the sellers to get repairs done at their expense.  She has terrific contacts with service providers to get service set up on alarm systems and utilities etc. that went very smoothly. This was our tenth home purchase and by far the easiest closing we have ever been through. All of the required documents and information was organized and complete allowing us to get through the closing in about 15-20 minutes. No time was wasted on making changes/corrections. We would highly recommend that prospective home buyers us Lindsay’s expertise and vast experience.
Jim and Kathy Hooks

Our experience with Lindsay Schulze was FANTASTIC. From the time we first contacted her about looking for a new home (Fall of 2015), she was always quick to respond to our requests and make any appointments we needed to look at properties. Tracy and I were both recently widowed and had some unique and challenging personal situations when we started looking at a house for Tracy first, and then for me to eventually move into. I had a then 18-year-old daughter and mother in law living with me at my house that we were figuring out would live with us in our new home, once purchased. With my mother in law needing handicapped accommodations, we literally put Lindsay through the ringer exhausting all options with both new and existing homes that could meet our requirements. She very patiently worked with us for months until we realized in Summer of 2016 we weren’t going to find that property in our price range (Not Lindsay’s fault-just a fact of life). Once we did find a house we loved in Prairie Village, Lindsay was super quick in helping us put an offer together to ensure we had a really good chance to get the house (which we did!). Immediately after, Tracy put her house on the market and Lindsay did a great job of helping us through the process to get Tracy’s house sold within a couple weeks. Then in March of 2017, I decided to put my house in Lenexa on the market. It was an older house (1976) that needed a lot of work, and Lindsay was a great resource/consultant on what I needed to do to get it listed and sold (in a very short time frame). It all came together in May and we listed the property on May 17th, and actually had a buyer the same day. Even though the buyer backed out at the last minute, Lindsay kept very positive and assured us the property would sell quickly. We got another offer 2 weeks later and closed in July (after some post inspection work was completed). Again- Lindsay made that very difficult and emotional time much easier on us by being very supportive, patient and proactive in helping us through many difficult obstacles. I will strongly recommend Lindsay to any friends/family/colleagues that I know of looking for a house in the future. She was the best and Tracy and I are indebted to her for all her help and support. We think the world of her!!
Doug Langford and Tracy Herter